Thomas Wilke

Thomas Wilke

Thomas Wilke is a scientist with Ingress-Health (a Cytel company). His area of focus is Human Environmental Occupant Risk (HEOR). His areas of study have included Pollution, Coral Reefs and Monsoons as well as Taxon and Pleistocene research.

Research team have been conducting studies of hydrobiid snails, one of the smallest gastropod species known to science. To do so, they utilized one of the world’s largest mollusc collections, as well as genetic data sets from museum collections for further examination.

Early Life and Education

Wilke used photography, sculpture and video in her early career to challenge stereotypical gender roles and disprove sexist assumptions of female bodies. One of her signature series – Starification Object Series – involved half-naked poses that alluded to female genitalia; additionally she donned chewing gum shaped like vulvas for some pieces.

Prof Thomas Wilke is developing proSDS (probable Systematic Identification), an open-access, semi-automated taxonomy platform. To test it out, they have used Hydrobiidae microgastropod family as the basis of testing it out and aim to accelerate species naming through increased identification tools as well as make innovative use of natural history collections via “museomics.”

Professional Career

Thomas Wilke is a respected expert in physics. He has spent time working for various oil and gas companies as well as serving on boards of several organizations. Wilke is widely respected for his genuine enthusiasm in engineering, having built multiple engineering teams as well as successfully commercializing numerous successful products to market.

He has appeared in various TV and movie series, such as Maverick, Have Gun – Will Travel, The Westerner, Zorro Bronco Perry Mason as a regular cast member and guest star. Other drama/adventure programs in which he made appearances included 77 Sunset Strip, Bourbon Street Beat and Tarzan.

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Achievement and Honors

His contributions to Mass Transport, an integral component of chemical engineering, are widely acclaimed. Working alongside Olaf Hougen – one of the foremost academic chemical engineers at that time – they produced an iconic correlation for mass transfer that continues to be widely utilized today.

Wilke was a celebrated high school coach, leading his teams to 225-21 dual meet records and 20 top five finishes at state championships. Additionally, he served as an advocate for amateur basketball by mediating between the NCAA and AAU regarding who would represent America internationally in competitions.

He served on various Boards, Advisory Committees, and Editorships; received many honors and awards throughout his life; died at age 69 in 1988.

Personal Life

Thomas Wilke is married to Cheryl Best-Wilke and father to two children. In addition, Thomas works as a sports commentator covering hockey games at Brock University located in Saint Catherines, Ontario. Though he has covered various other sports over his career, hockey remains his true passion.

Wilke utilized her nude body in Venus Pareve (1982-1984) to explore issues of Jewish identity while simultaneously exploring notions of beauty and femininity. Drawing upon Hebrew dietary restrictions called pareve or “neither meat nor dairy,” she created an alternative vision of femininity in her series.

She exhibited in various venues both within the US and abroad, with several museums including the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Jewish Museum possessing her works as permanent collections.

Net Worth

Wilke made history when he led Amazon’s global consumer business — comprising online marketplace, Prime membership, 175 fulfillment centers, and Whole Foods — before transitioning into his current endeavor as Chairman of Re:Build Manufacturing — an effort designed to demonstrate America can still make virtually anything.

Wilke made appearances in several western television series, such as Maverick, Tales of Well Fargo, Have Gun Will Travel, Bronco, The Westerner, Cheyenne Lawman Zorro and The Untouchables. Additionally, he played golf pro Danny Donnigan in Fred MacMurray’s 1962 sitcom My Three Sons. According to SEC Form 4 insider trade reports he owns shares in Gigamon Inc (GIMO) worth more than $2 Million.

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