Thomas Workman

Thomas Workman

Tom Workman is widely respected for his expertise in education and community development. His vast experience includes leading community coalitions employing environmental strategies.

He is also recognized for his expertise in evidence and forensics, having managed technical engineering organizations. For his achievements he has received several distinguished awards; currently practicing law in Massachusetts.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Workman was born in American Falls, Idaho to Walter P. Temple and Laura Gonzalez and was the eldest of three children. After attending Loyola University he practiced business law specializing in Los Angeles until his death.

He served on the Board of Directors for California League of Communities. Additionally, he was an avid sports fan who took great pleasure in exploring nature and history. Additionally, his passion lay with genealogy research.

He was an active member of First United Methodist Church in Ashland and found great pleasure in spending time with his grandchildren and traveling with his wife. Additionally, he had an infectious sense of humor and positive outlook that will long outlive him.

Professional Career

Workman brings over three decades of insurance industry experience. He currently sits on the Financial Stability Oversight Council and the NAIC Model Law Committee as a senior advisor; in addition he served on Sun Life Insurance Company of Canada’s Executive Board.

While not running his successful firm, he traveled extensively in search of butterflies and spiders to collect. He published various papers about them; while his North American Indian artifact collection can be seen at Ulster Museum.

Thomas also shares an interest in music; as the musical director for Arm-of-the-Sea Theater where he created sound effects for mask and puppetry performances, and now plays in several ensembles including Levanta. A fan of Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal.

Achievement and Honors

Workman served in numerous leadership capacities at the bureau, including being appointed to serve on the Nebraska Chiropractic Licensing Boards’ Examiner Board and membership in the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association.

He was a committed family man with an active career in public service and philanthropy, engaging both secular and Roman Catholic charities, while playing an instrumental role in numerous political campaigns, including Culbert Olson’s and Eleanor Roosevelt’s.

Workman graduated with honors and awards from Suffolk University School of Law in 1996, garnering many honors and distinctions during his legal career. Aside from philanthropic activities, Workman also enjoys playing the guitar – performing alongside Hermeto Pascoal and other Brazilian musicians at different concerts; currently performing with Levanta Band.

Personal Life

Thomas Workman is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, certified sound healer, instrument builder and visual artist. Over his long career he has taught children and adults music, art and healing classes; using warmth, challenge and humor in his approach.

Robert Clark was an active member of the Presbyterian church and a Justice of the Peace for Co Down, yet had little involvement with Belfast public life. However, his business interests included serving as director for Irish Weaving Company Ltd and foundering Workman Clark & Co shipbuilders.

He was an enthusiastic naturalist who traveled widely. His extensive collection of spiders was donated to the National Museum in Dublin; two tropical spiders named in his honour – Damarchus workmanii Thor and Theridium workmanii were named in tribute.

Net Worth

Workman’s empire-building caught the attention of Wall Street investment firms like KKR & Co, which acquired 58 percent of Heartland Dental. Since then, KKR has aggressively expanded their presence in dental industry using leveraged loans with lower interest rates to expand further.

Conduct a Florida public records search using Thomas’ full name and birth date to unearth criminal, civil and traffic records; marriage/divorce/education credentials as well as educational credentials! You can also do a reverse phone lookup for Thomas to discover who called him back – this may provide important clues as to his current or past relationships, and whether or not someone called. Workman prefers not revealing information publicly regarding his relationship status so is most likely single at present.

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