Todd Benjamin

Todd Benjamin – The Interviewer of Choice for Business Leaders and Politicians

Todd Benjamin brings decades of experience to moderating events and interviews, thanks to his in-depth knowledge on financial markets, global issues and leadership – making him the go-to interviewer for business leaders and politicians alike.

While at Oxford, he created 80,000 Hours, a research organization dedicated to career impact and effective altruism. Additionally, he wrote on climate physics while kickboxing for Oxford. And last but not least – he speaks Chinese… quite badly.

Early Life and Education

Todd was an incredible individual who cared deeply about all he met. His family counted on him, while his circle of friends meant much more.

Athen was an accomplished athlete, excelling at swimming, soccer and wrestling. Additionally he demonstrated musical aptitude as a singer/guitar player and took time out of his schedule to deliver ice cream sandwiches to children washing clothes along the riverbanks of Brazil.

His writing has appeared in many publications, such as the New York Times and The Guardian, while he has interviewed world leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan and many others. Furthermore, he co-founded and helped shape Effective Altruism organization 80,000 Hours into what it is today.

Professional Career

Todd Benjamin has spent 26 years serving as a commentator and interviewer for CNN. Traveling across the globe to share his insightful opinions and engaging interviews sessions is part of his job description.

He has led gatherings of several hundred people as well as more intimate meetings facilitating strategic sessions for executives. His dynamic personality, engaging style, and insightful questions make him a highly-sought-after moderator at conferences and events.

He is one of the cofounders of 80,000 Hours, helping it transform from an Oxford lecture series into a student society and Oxford affiliated charity featured on TED, Washington Post and BBC Today Programme among many others. Additionally, he has published multiple research papers in climate physics, philosophy ethics and effective altruism as well as banjo playing and country singing – something he enjoys doing himself.

Achievement and Honors

Todd Benjamin served for 26 years as a correspondent and financial editor for CNN from Washington DC, New York City and Tokyo. During this time he conducted numerous interviews ranging from Mikhail Gorbachev to Bill Clinton; Alan Greenspan to Tony Blair as well as Nobel prize winning economists and leading CEOs; his views on global economy, financial markets and Eurozone crisis are followed closely. When hired as a conference or panel moderator he often receives compliments for his insightful questions and ability to keep panelists focused on topics.

Personal Life

Todd Benjamin’s global experience and insight make him a sought after speaker, moderator, and interviewer. He frequently appears on CNN providing live analysis and commentary as well as being an instructor for leadership at London Business School Executive Education program.

He and Ashley Mae settled on a parcel of land in rural Kentucky where they built a cabin equipped with solar panels, well water and an underground root cellar. Over time they have participated in many local community initiatives.

As a founder of 80,000 Hours, which provides people with information and practical strategies for effective altruism, he serves on several public company boards and acts as senior advisor to Xynteo (an international management consultancy whose clients include Gazprom, Wilhelmsen and Deutsche Bank).

Net Worth

Ben Benjamin is a well-known CNN anchor, correspondent and financial editor who has interviewed notable individuals such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton and Alan Greenspan. Additionally, he has hosted multiple series on CNN as well as moderated international conferences.

He serves as senior adviser and guest lecturer on leadership for Xynteo, an international management consulting firm, while lecturing in this subject at London Business School’s Executive Education program. Furthermore, he writes a weekly blog for CNN.

He boasts an estimated net worth of $3 Million and annual professional earnings of $5 Million, and boasts a luxurious home and car collection. Living with Linda in Little Rock, Arkansas he and their two children Andrew and Kayla reside together. Additionally they share an extended family comprised of brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and more.

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