Tom Oreck

Tom Oreck is an American businessman and philanthropist. Along with his family, they own the Oreck Corporation which manufactures vacuum cleaners. Additionally, Oreck is involved with numerous charitable organizations.

The Oreck family filed an offer in bankruptcy court to buy back its namesake brand vacuum cleaners from TTI Floor Care (makers of Hoover and Dirt Devil). TTI won the auction.

Early Life and Education

Tom Oreck has built the Oreck Corporation into an influential customer-acquisition tool by turning customers into “zealots.” At 83 years old, Oreck is an adept salesperson who knows how to promote products while producing memorable radio and TV commercials.

Robert served in World War II aboard B-29s in the Pacific and his experience shaped his sense of patriotism that still resonates in business today. Additionally, he is widely recognized for his charitable endeavors.

After Hurricane Katrina hit, Oreck Corp had a thorough disaster emergency plan in place to safeguard their employees. They evacuated New Orleans with three pairs of underwear and three shirts as part of their evacuation strategy; however, their 375,000-square foot factory in Long Beach Mississippi sustained millions of dollars worth of storm-related damages; inventory was destroyed. Later reopening in Cookeville Tennessee.

Professional Career

Tom Oreck is an esteemed American businessman and philanthropist who is best known for leading his namesake Oreck Corporation for decades – which revolutionized home cleaning – while at the same time generously giving to various charitable causes. Today he dedicates much of his time philanthropic work as well as managing real estate investments.

Oreck was flying to Houston as Hurricane Katrina struck, carrying with him his family, his dog and backup tapes for Oreck Corporation in Poplarville Mississippi – just in case he needed them – when Hurricane Katrina hit. Once there he quickly set about business using his fleet of planes – as an avid pilot himself who has taken part in air shows across the country with one he and his aerobatics team had built together.

Achievement and Honors

Post World War II, Oreck worked for RCA in New York as sales manager until eventually becoming their sales manager. His areas of responsibility included washing machines, microwave ovens and color television. Oreck also ran a charter airline and founded one of the first master antenna companies, offering shared television aerials for apartment buildings. Oreck taught electronics repair by mail as an avid pilot – owning several classic planes such as Stinson Reliant SR 10J’s; Waco WMFs; an Aviat Husky Amphibian as well as Staggerwing Beech G-17S!

Oreck continues his customer-centric philosophy today, working closely with Vanderbilt students to examine ways specialty stores can be improved, and has collaborated with NASA on vacuum cleaners utilizing air flow technology developed there. Oreck also frequently appears as a guest on business and consumer talk shows.

Personal Life

As president and CEO of Oreck Corporation, Tom Oreck helped revolutionize home cleaning service industry while amassing an enormous fortune through philanthropy, real estate investments and other means.

Oreck’s father first attempted to sell lightweight vacuum cleaners back in the 1960s by defying convention by bypassing department stores and going directly to consumers using direct marketing techniques – this strategy paid off, and Oreck has become an internationally known brand name today.

After Oreck’s bankruptcy auction, its new owner – Cleveland-based TTI Floor Care (which manufactures Hoover and Dirt Devil brands of vacuum cleaners) announced they would keep some Oreck retail stores open while hiring Tom Oreck as its public spokesperson.

Net Worth

Oreck has amassed an impressive net worth due to his successful business career and smart real estate investments that have added significantly to his overall fortune. Furthermore, he has made generous donations to various charitable causes during his lifetime.

He was one of the founding members of Oreck Corporation, which manufactures vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. Known for his honesty and fairness in business, he achieved long-term success as an innovator within this industry.

Oreck is a dedicated family man, enjoying close ties with both his wife and children. Additionally, his passion lies with aviation as he owns several private planes. When looking for peace and relaxation he retreats to his vacation home in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains for some much-needed restful respite.

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