Tommy Clowers

Tommy Clowers – Famous FMX (Freestyle Motocross) Rider With an Impressive Net Worth

Tommy Clowers is a legendary FMX (Freestyle Motocross) rider known for his dare-devil stunts and extraordinary skills. His net worth stands out among FMX riders, and many celebrities admire him.

He’s best known for pioneering the “Step Up” event at the X Games, in which participants race their dirt bike up ramps before leaping over them like pole vaulters.

Early Life and Education

Clowers was born and raised in Princeton West Virginia before graduating from Princeton High School and Marshall University with a pre-med degree – in addition to participating as a running back on its football team.

John began racing his 250 dirt bike shortly thereafter and quickly found that this was his passion. In 2000, he was invited to compete at the X Games where he won silver in freestyle competition and gold for an all-new event called Step Up.

No one could ever forget him; all who knew and loved him will mourn his passing. Laurie Clowers of Holly Springs, North Carolina will remain by her husband’s side along with their daughter Alexa; mother Ginger Clowers will miss him greatly as will Uncle Jerry Goings, Tandy Robin Cousins as well as Rocky the dog that used to accompany them around. All are left mourning his absence.

Professional Career

Tommy Clowers, an FMX rider, is well known for pushing the limits of what can be accomplished on a bike. Starting his career back in the 1990s, he quickly rose to become one of the leading contenders.

One of his defining moments came in 2004, when he performed the first-ever backflip over a 100-foot gap at the X Games – forever altering FMX competitions and changing his sport forever. Dubbed “Mandatory Suicide,” his stunt featured twisting his body midair while landing seated sideways.

Rochester Institute of Technology students will be at hand to capture all the action as the world’s top FMX riders fly 40 feet up performing aerobatic stunts – they will document all aspects of it all with images captured from above by aerial photography.

Achievement and Honors

Clowers is a member of the Kentucky Bar Association and has received multiple accolades, such as being named an Outstanding Young Lawyer in 2009 and receiving the Kentucky Prosecuting Attorney of the Year award in 2022.

He will be greatly missed. A member of Bellview Baptist Church for decades and The Been Thrift Store volunteer, he also enjoyed traveling, playing golf and supporting Mississippi State University with passion.

Fishing was his passion and tailgating at MSU football games was something he always looked forward to. His children include Becky Tucker (Rev. Danny), Barry Clower, 6 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great grandchild; all are survived by him as well as Dr Luke Lampton of Beacham Memorial Hospital nurses and staff as well as Sherry Walsh as home healthcare nurse.

Personal Life

Tommy Clowers is known for his strong work ethic and pushing himself beyond his limits every day. He advises aspiring dirt bike riders never to give up on their dreams and work tirelessly in pursuit of betterment.

Tommy is recognized as an innovator of freestyle motocross, an event in which competitors perform thrilling jumps off a dirt bike to perform aerial stunts in midair. His astounding stunts have inspired generations of riders and helped develop this form of riding into what it is today.

He has won 11 X Games medals throughout his career. In 2004, he became well-known for landing the first backflip over a 100-foot gap at an X Games competition, revolutionizing FMX forever. Today, he remains an icon within FMX competitions while competing regularly against peers.

Net Worth

Clower has made himself a millionaire through his professional freestyle motocross (FMX) riding career, famous for his astounding stunts and skill. Additionally, he is well known as an active philanthropist; having donated to numerous causes. As of 2017, his net worth stands at $4 Million.

Metal Mulisha was formed by him and other riders to elevate freestyle motocross racing to new heights, and its members have seen immense success thanks to their dedication and work ethic. Their success is an inspiration to all.

He is the proud father of five children and eight grandchildren, an avid supporter of Mississippi State University, fishing, boating, tailgating at football games and bar-b-queing are his favorite pastimes. Additionally he served in the United States Navy before passing away peacefully at Beacham Memorial Hospital in Magnolia on December 18, 2010 from complications due to pneumonia. A funeral service was held at his Liberty residence.

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