Top 5 Reasons why one should go for Big Bus Tour in Dubai

Are you planning to go for the Big Bus Tour In Dubai? Well, we can tell you that the tour is certainly a great way to explore the city without a doubt. Feeling unsure whether to take the tour or not? Well, we are going to share with you 5 solid reasons to go for this tour and you are going to love every minute of it. Are you feeling curious? Then let us get straight into the details.

1. These Tours Are Very Flexible

The Big bus tour Dubai allows  you to  explore Dubai at your own pace without feeling hectic. You can hop on to these buses at any point in the city, usually, they are found in prime areas. Tourists can expect to visit all the best locations in Dubai with this tour. You can take a tour during the night and get a glimpse of the hottest nightclubs, visit palaces, beaches, forts souks, and much more. The tour will take you through the modern and old neighborhoods of this fabulous city.

2. Multilingual Tour

Yes, that’s right! This tour operates in multiple languages such as Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Farsi, Hindi, Mandarin, Italian, French, Spanish, German, English, and Arabic. So as a tourist, you will never feel out of place, and you will be able to have fun to the fullest.

3. Fabulous View

The tour bus has an open-top deck from where you can get a magnificent view of the whole city below. You can get a view of the Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalif, and many more such as the Museum of the Future which sports breathtaking architecture. The tour covers 9 prime locations in Dubai and is carried out at four different times. You are free to participate in the tour while booking the hop on off Dubai from any of the 9 locations in the city.

4. Different Packages

This is yet another strong reason for you to go for this bus tour you will have access to various packages. The basic package will give you one day of access to a city tour and dhow cruise. The commentary on this tour will be a pre-recorded one.

The second package is the Dubai Essential package, which is valid for 48 hours and will give you access to the Ambassador Lagoon, Lost Chambers, Dhow Cruise, and the bus tour.   The third package is called Dubai Explore, this package offers you the flexibility to book your tour at your pace, you get to indulge in a Sunset Adventure, visit Ambassador Lagoon, Lost Chambers, Dhow Cruise, and the Bus Tour.

5. Great Hospitality

The hospitality on this tour is fabulous and you will feel at home instantly. The tour guide will explain all the details with a great amount of patience. You can get off the bus and take the time to look around by yourself then catch up with the tour from another location on their route.

These are the five strongest reasons why you should take the Big Bus Tour. This tour will give you the chance to absorb the vibrant energy of Dubai and also understand the history of the place. So, do not miss out on this fabulous opportunity, you must book your tickets early in order to avoid any disappointments.

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