Top Places To Visit In Morocco

If you’re considering a visit to Morocco, there are a number of places that you might want to consider. Casablanca is the largest city and is the perfect place to start. This whitewashed city is a perfect introduction to the culture. It has a modern feel but retains a Moroccan feel. While Casablanca may not be the exact town where the famous film Casablanca was shot, the city has grown rapidly due to its tourism boom. Casablanca’s Rick’s Cafe is modeled after the iconic restaurant in the film.

Fes Is The Cultural Capital Of Morocco

Fes is Morocco’s cultural capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is rich in history and a lively, medieval city. Its UNESCO-listed architecture makes it a must-see destination. Its medieval cityscape is home to the magnificent Fes Palace. While tourists cannot enter the palace, you can see its magnificent exterior from the seven gates.

Chefchaouen, A Seaside Resort Town, Is One Of The Best

If you want to spend a relaxing vacation in a beautiful Mediterranean setting, Chefchaouen is the place to go. The town is located between the Rif Mountains, and a sandy beach. The beaches are unspoiled with beautiful turquoise waters. Chefchaouen is an excellent place to unwind and go swimming.

Volubilis Is A Popular Location For Filming In Morocco

Volubilis is an archaeological site in Morocco that is home to ancient Roman ruins and a triumphal arch. Built in an agricultural area in the third century B.C., the ancient Roman city was constructed. and flourished under Roman rule. Its ruins include a basilica, triumphal arch and many town houses. It remained in existence for many centuries after the Romans left.

Asilah, A Seaside Resort Town, Is

If you’re looking for an authentic Moroccan experience, you should visit Asilah. There are many shops and restaurants along the town’s beachside promenade. You can take a dip in the water, or sit and relax on a sun lounger. Although the beach is nice, it’s not the best. The harbor bay is also a good place to swim, but it can get crowded in summer.

Chefchaouen Is An Excellent Starting Point For Adventures In Morocco

Chefchaouen is a small town located in the Rif Mountains. The bright blue buildings of the town are surrounded by green valleys. The town is a photographer’s paradise. Many visitors visit to relax in the hammams and hike in the nearby mountains. You’ll find that two days is just enough time to see the city’s highlights.

Asilah Is A Great Place To Escape The Bustle Of Marrakech

Asilah, a charming town on the coast, is rich in history. It was once a Phoenician port and was later ruled by the Portuguese. The town has beautiful beaches and a promenade. The cool sea breeze cools the air and makes it pleasant all year.

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