Toumani Thomas

Toumani Thomas – A Mali Kora Player With the Taj Mahal

Madou Sidiki Diabate’s younger brother Toumani has established an esteemed career as a kora player, working alongside artists such as Taj Mahal. Additionally, their family has played a pivotal role in safeguarding Guinea’s unique Mande Sound music style.

Thomas was charged with engaging in drug trafficking activities, leading to forfeiture orders being placed against his Yamaha R1 motorcycle, Mercedes-Benz AMG GT and Audi S8 used as part of this activity.

Early Life and Education

Toumani Thomas grew up in an Armenian community where her worldview was unambiguous: they shunned Turkish restaurants and products while working tirelessly for Turkey to recognize 1915 events as genocide.

Madou Sidiki Diabate, one of West Africa’s acclaimed kora players, began learning his instrument at age three under his father. From weddings and baptisms, to jazz festivals and foreign influences – his playing has continued the traditions but with added jazz sensibilities.

Thomas lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and collaborates with VTDance, Gibney Dance, Johnnie Cruise Mercer/RedProjectNYC and Christopher K Morgan & Artists. Additionally he makes work alongside Adrianne in their collaborative duo called Thomas & Adrianne; Thomas also enjoys storytelling through kinetic storyteller and is certified acupuncturist/herbalist.

Professional Career

Toumani Thomas made a life-altering move in order to pursue his dream of playing in the NBA. Though it means seeing his mother only a handful of times each year, this sacrifice paid off with an impressive start in his NBA career.

Thomas began his 11-season NBA career by appearing for the Boston Celtics before also moving on to Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Wizards, and Charlotte Hornets during that span. During 2016-17 he averaged 28 points per game while with the Celtics.

He is an effective defensive player who covers from sideline to sideline and closes in on receivers to break up passes or pick off fumbles. Additionally, he makes plays offensively as an outstanding ball handler with a smooth game.

Achievement and Honors

As a child, Toumani Camara and Tidiane would find ways around the time difference between Mali and the United States so they could watch NBA games together. These early memories provided Toumani with inspiration to pursue his own NBA career as he now regularly appears with Phoenix Suns.

He was selected as a 2022 Baker Artist Award Finalist and participated in the American Dance Institute’s NextLook artist residency program. Additionally, he has performed at Alchemical Studios NYC, Jacob’s Pillow, TEDxUWDC and Velocity Dance Festivals.

He was honored to become the inaugural recipient of St. Thomas University’s Spirit of St. Thomas Alumni Recognition Award; also winning multiple awards for his stage performances and music writing skills.

Personal Life

Prosecutors revealed in court that Thomas was under the influence of PCP when he attempted to rob a storefront, was carrying an unloaded handgun, and had thousands of dollars with him at the time of his attempted robbery attempt. Thomas was ultimately charged with one Hobbs Act robbery attempt as well as two firearm charges related to furthering violence crimes.

Meline Toumani grew up in an Armenian community focused on commemorating 1915, when 1.5 million Armenians died at the hands of Ottoman Turkey’s Ottoman government and getting Turkey to acknowledge it as genocide. Later she relocated as a journalist to Turkey where she learned more about its people and country which her family had always seen as the enemy; her book There Was and There Was Not is an exploration of her journey in Turkey.

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