Travis Scott Reese’s Merch

Travis Scott and Reese’s Merch

Cactus Jack Reeses T-Shirt

Designed by Travis Scott, the Reese’s Cactus Jack Reeses T-shirt is one of the rapper’s swaggerful creations. The shirt features a large photo of Scott eating his favorite cereal. The t-shirt also features a lightning bolt, which is a nod to the rapper’s flair.

Travis Scott also crafted a limited edition cereal box for Reese’s Puffs. Using a combination of shiny and matte materials, the box boasts an impressive ten inch by twelve inch design. The cereal inside features the same chocolate peanut butter goodness as the regular version. The packaging is enclosed in an acrylic box to provide added protection. This limited edition cereal will be available starting June 24 for a suggested retail price of $50.

This is just the first of many special edition boxes to come from Scott. Among the products that will be featured are the McNugget Body Pillow and the CACTI agave spiked seltzer. The McNugget Body Pillow, which debuted in April for $90, is currently the most expensive item on the shelves. CACTI, meanwhile, will be sold in Lime, Pineapple, and Strawberry flavors and is said to contain 7% ABV.

The Cactus Jack Reeses T-shirt may be the most hyped item from Scott’s new line of merchandise, but the McNugget is also an impressive creation. The Cactus Jack x Reese’s Puffs cereal spoon, on the other hand, was only showcased at a pop-up store in Paris. While the T-shirt was limited to the Parisian metropolis, the Cactus Jack x Reese’sPuffs cereal spoon rolled out to a larger audience at La Flare’s pop-up store in Paris. The Reese’s Cactus jack t-shirt, however, was not available for purchase. It’s unclear whether Scott’s team plans to produce additional merchandise, but fans were more than willing to shell out for this one.

It’s no secret that Travis Scott has a knack for turning out some of the most gimmicky and obscure items around. The Cactus Jack Reese’s T-shirt may be the newest incarnation of his cereal obsession, but fans can expect a slew of special edition boxes to drop throughout the year.

Cactus Jack Reeses Bowl Multi

Earlier this year, Travis Scott collaborated with Reese Puffs and released a limited-edition cereal box. The box sold out in a matter of seconds. This cereal box features Travis Scott’s design as well as Reese’s logo and name in orange and brown letters. The box is also covered by a glass casing.

On Tuesday, General Mills unveiled a pop-up store in Paris where Travis Scott and Reese Puffs unveiled their custom cereal boxes. The store, which was located at La Flare, is decorated with oversized Cactus Jack x Reese’s Puffs items. During the event, Travis Scott signed the cereal box and met fans.

As part of the pop-up, Travis Scott also sold out his custom Reese’s Puffs boxes. This is the first time a rapper has sold a custom box. All of the boxes were sold out in just 30 seconds and were priced at $50.

Travis Scott has a fan base and he has collaborated with many notable brands. His Astroworld album earned him a double platinum certification and has him touring the world with his band. He is also an avid fan of Reese’s Puffs, so he decided to collaborate with the cereal to produce special boxes.

Reese’s Puffs merchandise has been designed by independent artists and printed on quality products. They also use socially responsible printing methods. The boxes are sold at major grocery stores in the United States. Each purchase puts money into the artist’s pocket. They also offer expedited shipping on the first purchase. Reese’s Puffs encourages fans to follow them on social media.

Travis Scott and Reese’s Puffs have also created a limited-edition cereal bowl. The bowl was released in the summer of 2019. It features several references to Travis Scott and Cactus Jack. The bowl is available in multiple colors and comes with a spoon. Reese’s Puffs is offering $3.99 expedited shipping on the first purchase.

Travis Scott and Reese’s collaboration has also resulted in many pieces of merchandise. The t-shirt, sweatshirt, and box sold out in a matter of minutes.

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