Troop Beverly Hills Party

Troop Beverly Hills (DVD) Review

If you love ’80s movies and have never seen Troop Beverly Hills, you are in for a treat! This comedy movie is a fun and lighthearted parody of the Girl Scouts. The plot revolves around a group of girls who run a summer day camp. They learn about the power of friendship. And they discover how to deal with tough times.

In this movie, the troop is led by a divorced housewife Phyllis Nefler. She has everything money can buy, including a mansion in Beverly Hills, designer dresses, and classic Rolls Royces. However, Phyllis’s life is dull and unfulfilling. As a result, she decides to become the leader of a local Wilderness Girls troop.

Despite a lack of wilderness skills, Phyllis manages to get the girls to their first campout at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Unfortunately, the troop is defeated in a jamboree by a rival troop. Afterward, Phyllis falls apart.

But she finds the strength to put the band back together. While planning a scavenger hunt for their troop, Phyllis discovers that her newfound self-esteem has been given to her by her daughter, Hannah. After all, she is a genius.

So much for her scheming snobs. Thankfully, a few members of the group discover their own self-esteem, including Erica Goldberg (Hayley Orrantia). When her father, Geoff Schwartz (Troy Gentile), asks her to join his Tasty Boys team, Erica is excited. However, her mother isn’t so happy.

At the same time, Adam is preparing to go to high school. He wants to find the passion his father had. That may be impossible. Instead, Adam gets sucked into the Columbia House world through Dave Kim. It’s a bit of an underwhelming fable, but Adam manages to find a way to manipulate his father.

Meanwhile, Lainey (AJ Michalka) is not thrilled with Barry’s Big Orange t-shirt. But she is intrigued by Barry’s plans for her. She also discovers a secret about her own relationship with him. By the time she returns home, she’s already in his sphere.

Erica’s plans to bring back the Dirty Dancing dance to her school aren’t without complications. She learns that Adam’s crime might fall on her. Also, she discovers that Barry isn’t as alpha male as she’d like. To prevent that, she tries to convince Barry that he’s not ready to take the lead.

As if a fad for glamping wasn’t enough, Troop Beverly Hills also features a “survival kit” party. The hotel is decked out with fresh palms and tropical furnishings. There are even cocktail napkins featuring palm leaf prints. These are perfect for luau parties!

The movie also contains a lot of wacky one-liners. Some of the best are the “Cat’s in the Cradle” jokes. Although a little cheesy, these gags are still amusing. Aside from that, the movie is a solid feel-good fable, and a good one to see again.

Whether you’re looking for a film to watch with the kids or to entertain your own party guests, Trooper Beverly Hills is a good choice. Especially since it will be showing at the Beverly Hills Hotel on August 30, accompanied by unlimited Champagne and movie-themed snacks!

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