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Trunnis Goggins Jr

Trunnis Goggins Jr was raised in Williamsville village of New York State. He kept an inconspicuous profile, keeping his personal life out of public eye.

His father owned Skateland in Buffalo and he began working there after-hours when he was only six years old.

Early Life and Education

Motivational speaker, author and endurance athlete James Dempsey is 48-years-old former Navy SEAL who has inspired millions around the world with his inspirational story of growing up in an unstable home and fighting with family members.

His explanation: His father used a smile to impress others, but this was just an illusion: in reality he physically assaulted his family in the name of domestic discipline and forced them all to accompany him on gambling excursions at housing tracks where he gambled away all their funds.

Jackie Goggins did all she could to provide for and protect her son and younger brother from their abusive patriarch. Unfortunately, this burdened Jackie as much as it did them; she had to work alongside both sons at their father’s skating rink in order to earn enough to support herself and them both.

Professional Career

David Goggins was born to Jackie and Trunnis Goggins on February 17, 1975, in the United States. Unfortunately, he suffered through a difficult childhood due to his father being abusive – physically abusing them all as part of domestic discipline – along with expecting them to work on his business at night resulting in lack of sleep which hindered both their school performance as well as performance at their respective businesses.

David’s father was an expert at discipline. He adhered to a rigorous routine when disciplined his son; beating David ruthlessly for maximum psychological and physical discomfort. Additionally, his children would wait anxiously before their father returned and whip them out of fear.

Achievement and Honors

Trunnis owned and operated Skateland skating rink in Buffalo. However, he was often difficult and physically abusive towards his wife Jackie and their two sons David and Trunnis Jr. Additionally, after closing down his business he employed them hard by forcing them to clean toilets and unclog sewer systems after hours – forcing Jackie into abject submission as she endured their abuse from Trunnis himself.

His mother, Jackie, was an independent woman who tried her best to provide for her children despite living under difficult conditions. Unfortunately, however, she could not protect them from their abusive father.

Goggins’ memoir details how he overcame a difficult upbringing to develop perseverance, tenacity and work ethic that enabled him to complete BUD/S training and join the Air Force.

Personal Life

Trunnis Goggins and Jackie were married, with two children; David and Trunnis Jr. Jackie was furious upon learning of Trunnis’ affair, so she left him and took their children with her, however after discovering his new girlfriend she quickly returned as she could no longer provide them with a safe environment for themselves or her sons.

Trunnis was an unpredictable individual and always presented himself as being friendly, yet this was only an act. In truth he was an extremely cruel individual who would brutally beat his children.

Trunnis would force his children to work at night in his business, dealing with unsanitary wastes and blocked toilets, which adversely impacted their academic performance; David developed a stutter as a result. Trunnis would also sleep with prostitutes.

Net Worth

David Goggins is known as an ultramarathon runner, triathlete, ultra-distance cyclist, author and public speaker with an estimated net worth estimated to exceed $4 Million.

David was subjected to abuse from his father who ran a skating rink in Brazil, Indiana. David and his younger brother worked long hours to support themselves from this source of income.

His father kept a gun at home, frequently threatened the family, and would physically attack them when they did something displeasing to him; including dragging Jackie down stairs by her hair or whipping them senselessly. They often went without sleep due to his expectation that they work at the rink at night.

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