Vaughn Gittin Jr Net Worth

Vaughn Gittin Jr is a renowned American race car driver and drifter who competes in Formula Drift series. Additionally, he founded RTR Vehicles which produces performance parts and accessories for Ford Mustangs.

Life Path Number Two symbolizes his affinity for community and harmony. A sensitive empath, he enjoys developing meaningful relationships with his peers.

Early Life and Education

Vaughn Gittin Jr is a widely known celebrity with a global following. He has performed incredible acts of good work and earned many honors; moreover, he embodies great integrity and values.

Gittin was born September 20, 1980 in Joppa, Maryland, USA and founded RTR Vehicles which produces performance parts for Ford Mustangs. Additionally, Gittin competes in Formula Drift where he has won two championships.

According to numerology, his life path number is 2, which indicates his motivation is community and harmony. Furthermore, as an empath he understands people’s emotions very deeply. Finally, this kind-hearted individual has made immense contributions to society – serving as a role model to younger generations alike.

Professional Career

Vaughn Gittin Jr is an established drifter and celebrity race car driver, as well as founder of RTR Vehicles – an automotive company producing performance parts for Ford Mustangs. His social media following is vast, as is his YouTube influencer status.

He maintains multiple channels on YouTube that focus on automobiles and drifting, and has made appearances on various television programs like Garage Rehab where he helps renovate failing auto shops.

He owns several other businesses and ventures, such as DC Shoes and Hoonigan Industries, as well as apparel sold through his website. He boasts an enormous fan base and remains one of the most revered celebrities worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Vaughn Gittin Jr has become one of the wealthiest celebrities worldwide due to hard work and determination. Beginning his career as a race car driver, Gittin Jr has experienced unparalleled success over his tenure in racing – garnering huge fan following and recognition throughout the industry.

David was the 2010 Formula Drift champion and founder of RTR Vehicles. He also enjoys immense popularity on YouTube with over 33K subscribers to his channel; and is widely recognized for the Mustang RTR which he raced and sold directly to customers.

According to numerology, Vaughn Gittin Jr’s life path number is two; this indicates a focus on community and harmony as motivations in his life journey. A peacemaker by nature, Vaughn is also sensitive to others emotions while acting in accordance with them.

Personal Life

Vaughn Gittin Jr is an American race car driver, drifter, and YouTube celebrity known for racing his Mustang RTR both competitively and selling it directly to consumers. Additionally, he hosts Garage Rehab on Discovery Channel where together with Mike Holmes and Matt Stephens they renovate failing auto shops to restore them back into business.

He is the founder of RTR Vehicles, which manufactures performance parts for Ford Mustangs. With an enormous following on Instagram and an estimated net worth estimated at $15 Million, RTR Vehicles’ net worth stands out among top car influencers.

As an icon to his young followers, he has received numerous honors in his career. Currently living in Joppa, Maryland as a single male with birth date 20-9-1980 he holds many accolades during his virgo year of birth.

Net Worth

Vaughn Gittin Jr has long been one of the most prominent race car drivers. He is known for his incredible drifting abilities and has earned many championship titles; not to mention having an army of loyal followers who support his career.

Self-taught drifter Scott Dillenbeck competes in Formula Drift series. Known for his aggressive foot-to-the-floor driving style behind a Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5-D.

According to numerology, his Life Path number is two; this suggests a strong desire for community and harmony as driving factors behind his professional ambitions and personal relationships.

RTR Vehicles’ founder, Dan Gittin, offers performance parts and accessories specifically tailored for Ford Mustangs. Additionally, he hosts a popular car-oriented YouTube channel.

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