Victor Storage

Victor and Joann moved to Texas five years ago from out-of-town and now manage two stores; one selling consigned clothing and the other an estate sale with rotating consignments from storage auctions to support their leisurely lifestyles.

He can often be seen on the popular reality show Storage Wars: Texas (originally Storage Wars Dallas). There he goes up against other buyers like Lesa Lewis and Moe Prigoff to purchase lockers at great profits to flip.

Early Life and Education

Victor Storage was an esteemed professor and leadership scholar at Yale SOM, recognized for his groundbreaking work in management psychology and organizational behavior research.

At 17, he began playing alto sax and clarinet in dance halls and night clubs around Montreal, often performing Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Stan Kenton big band hits thousands of times each night.

After spending one year at Sir George Williams College, he transferred to McGill University and earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in industrial psychology and music performance respectively.

He began sharing his techniques with musicians, such as drummer Bela Fleck. Together they eventually formed Bela Fleck and the Flecktones; since then they have released several genre-defying albums. Additionally, each summer he conducts bass/nature camps for musicians of all skill levels before touring with his group during summer vacations.

Personal Life

Victor Rjesnjansky was born and raised on Long Island, New York. Now living in Tyler, Texas with his wife Joann and running an auction business as well as real estate and clothing businesses together with Joann; all this while managing to offend cast members and fans with his often outspoken and blunt style of conversation – not to mention appearing as himself on Storage Wars Texas with many names such as “Slick Vick” or “The Outsider”. Nevertheless he continues appearing with them both proud parents to two children each!

Net Worth

Victor Rjesnjansky of Storage Wars: Texas boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million. With his partner Joann he owns two small businesses including consignment clothing store and an estate sale with rotating estate sales; most of their inventory for these stores comes from storage auctions.

Starting his professional basketball career for Nanterre 92 of France at 19 years old was no small feat, yet he managed to establish himself financially over time.

As of November 15th 2023, Victor B Macfarlane held 1,594 shares of SITE Centers Corp (SITC), totaling over $21,184 in net worth. For an exhaustive listing of insider trading transactions for SITE Centers Corp, check our Insider Trading Tracker.

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