Vince Dimartino

Vince Dimartino is a well-known motorcycle designer and builder, best known from appearing on reality TV show American Chopper. As a family man, he loves camping trips with his children.

After leaving the show, he opened V-Force Customs in Rock Tavern New York – now an established automobile, truck, and fleet repair facility.

Early Life and Education

Vince Dimartino was born in Hudson Valley, New York. He is an American television personality best known for his time spent working with Orange County Choppers between 2002 and 2007. Since 2007, he has also been employed at V-Force Customs while earning significant sums by making YouTube videos.

He was raised by his father in a small engine repair shop, beginning work there at age nine as an expert at rebuilding motorcycle engines.

DiMartino is also an esteemed jazz artist, having performed with some of the country’s premier college jazz ensembles. He recorded two CDs with trumpeter/organist Miles Osland for Seabreeze Records and holds an appointment as Matton Professor of Music at Centre College in Danville Kentucky where he teaches trumpet, brass and jazz ensembles.

Professional Career

Since graduating from The Eastman School of Music in 1972, professor DiMartino has enjoyed an extraordinary career. Widely acknowledged as one of the nation’s premier trumpet performers and educators, he has played lead trumpet with jazz legends Lionel Hampton and Clark Terry while also performing with some of America’s top college jazz ensembles.

Artist Faculty Member at International Trump Seminars / Courses He has served on the artist faculty of several international trumpet seminars/courses such as Empire Brass Quintet-Tanglewood summer program, Kalavrita Brass Course in Greece and Centre College Danville Kentucky’s Matton Professor of Music Program.

In 2022, Vinnie, his cousin Joey and Cody established V-Force Customs where they construct custom motorcycles and vehicles. When not building custom pieces they enjoy racing dirtbikes, motorcycles and snowmobiles with family and friends.

Achievement and Honors

DiMartino is one of our nation’s foremost trumpet performers and educators. After graduating from The Eastman School of Music in 1972, he taught trumpet at University of Kentucky until 1993 when he took up an appointment as Distinguished Artist-in-Residence at Centre College where he now teaches trumpet, brass and jazz ensembles and serves as Matton Professor of Music.

He’s dedicated his professional accomplishments and philanthropic endeavors to making a positive change in the world, spreading positivity through various programs he supports and advocating for the wellbeing of animals. A true role model, he cherishes family life while finding comfort from their support and love – while at the same time advocating for their wellbeing!

Personal Life

Vincent DiMartino has amassed an impressive net worth through his business activities and reality TV appearances. He owns V-Force Customs, an automotive repair shop. Additionally, Vincent makes guest appearances on various television networks including Throttle Junkies TV, Resort and Residence TV, AMG TV and Untamed Sports TV.

At fourteen, he began working in his father’s car repair shop and quickly discovered an interest in auto and bike building, joining Orange County Choppers before going on to found V-Force Customs.

He is married to Melissa DiMartino and has three daughters – Vanessa, Ava, and Isabella. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as maintaining his YouTube channel where he posts short videos documenting daily activities.

Net Worth

Vincent DiMartino and Melissa are married with four children–three girls and a son. There have been no reports of cheating rumors and there have been no indications of divorce proceedings being initiated against Vincent or Melissa.

Through his work, he has amassed immense wealth and recognition – his estimated net worth currently exceeds $2 Million and continues to increase rapidly.

He has appeared on various TV shows and YouTube channels discussing his experiences at OCC. Furthermore, he is an accomplished bike builder with his own company V-Force Customs and still maintains close ties with former co-workers such as Cody Cornelly and Paul Jr. Designs even after leaving OCC to pursue other business endeavors.

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