Weather Bridgehampton New York

Weather in Bridgehampton, New York

The weather in Bridgehampton, New York fluctuates a lot. The wind speed in this location can vary significantly during any given hour. The windiest month is January, while the calmest month is July. From October to March, the weather in Bridgehampton experiences significant seasonal changes, with the shortest day of the year being December 21 with only nine hours and fourteen minutes of daylight, and the longest day being July 21 with fifteen hours and seven minutes of sunlight.

The wettest month is February, with 51% of days overcast. The wetter months do not vary significantly during the year, with the average number of days with a 0.04 inch of precipitation ranging from 22% to 30%. The clearest months are September, April, and May.

Bridgehampton’s summers are warm and humid, while its winters are cool, but not very cold. The temperature rarely drops below fourteen degrees or rises above eighty degrees. Mid-June and late September are the best times to visit the town, with temperatures averaging between sixty-four and seventy-five degrees F.

Rain is expected during the day. Expect a high in the mid-60s and a low in the mid-50s. The wind will be largely from the northeast. The rain chances are high in the afternoon and evening, but there is still a slight chance of rain before 8am. The wind speed will be light but will gradually decrease throughout the day.

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