Weather New Haven In

Weather in New Haven, Connecticut

The best time to visit New Haven is from mid June to late September, when the temperatures tend to be at their warmest. The weather score for tourists and locals alike favors clear, rain-free days and temperatures between 70 and 82degF. The coolest month is February, when the average temperature is just 44degF.

New Haven is located near a large body of water, so the average water temperature varies a lot throughout the year. You can get an idea of the average water temperature by checking the chart below. You can even see how many hours of sunlight New Haven gets each day and what that means for your outdoor activities.

New Haven’s wetter months are January, February, and March. January has the least amount of wet days with 7.4 days of rain and snow or a mix of the two. The wetter months in New Haven have higher chances of rain and snow. In July, there are an average of 9.9 days when there is a chance of rain only. In addition to the monthly average, rainfall varies seasonally. For example, the average amount of rain falls during the month of April is 3.7 inches, while the average amount falls between January and December is only 2.2 inches.

While New Haven has a long, warm summer, the cold season is short, lasting just 3.3 months. The lowest temperature in January is a chilly 24degF. In addition, the shortest day is December 21, while the longest day is June 21. The average daily high in New Haven is 37degF.

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