West Allegheny Kennywood Day

Kiddieland at West Allegheny Kenneywood Day

Thousands of people attended West Allegheny Kennywood Day in October, a two-day festival in which kids flocked to the park to ride roller coasters, watch live entertainment, and get an inside look at the park’s historic architecture. The event also included a BMX stunt show, a Pirate-themed boat suspended from a giant “A” frame structure, and the debut public appearance of the band’s front man, Micky Dolenz.

Lost Kennywood

Located on the west side of Pittsburgh, Kennywood is one of the oldest amusement parks in the United States. Its original mission was to serve as a working class picnic destination for the residents of the town. It later incorporated thrill rides and recreational venues.

In addition to Kennywood’s regular rides and attractions, the park has special events each year. Some of these events include Fall Fest and Happy Hauntings. Happy Hauntings is a family-friendly Halloween event that is held every weekend in October. It is not recommended for kids under thirteen.

Phantom Fall Fest is a Halloween event that takes place on Friday nights. It features haunted houses, scare zones and other family-friendly activities.


Located in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, Kiddieland on West Allegheny Kenneywood Day is one of the area’s most popular attractions. With over forty rides and attractions, there is something to appeal to the entire family.

The park is open most weekends in the spring, summer and fall, but the park is closed on Mondays. The park’s main attractions include three landmark wooden roller coasters, three water rides and two dark rides.

The park also has several classic attractions and a children’s play area. The park also hosts special events, including a fall fest and a fright night. In October, the park will be transformed into a haunted theme park. Happy Hauntings and Phantom Fright Nights are both held every weekend in October. In addition, a haunted house will be located at the Parkside Terrace Cafe.

Lost Whip

Touted as the most technologically advanced amusement park in the world, Kennywood was a whirlwind of excitement for nearly three decades. The park is home to a handful of notable attractions including The Whip, a simulated flying experience and the infamous Lost Kennywood, a ride-to-flyer with two 20 passenger boats at a time. The Whip was the longest running attraction in the park. It’s the only one of its ilk still in business. The triumph is also in good standing. The park has a slew of other amusements including a children’s park, a mini golf course, a miniature golf course, and two water parks.

Pirate-themed boat suspended from a giant “A” frame structure

Unlike its more mundane counterparts, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is not a daytime affair. Aside from the occasional drunken revelry, this ride is actually quite a pleasant place to be. The ride actually boasts a cool 60 degrees of breeze, courtesy of the surrounding landscaping. It also features a cleverly concealed vertical lift and lower system that allows riders to reach a semblable height in just a few seconds. It is the only ride in the park that offers a buffet style lunch option. The other two eateries are a la carte and priced on a case by case basis. The ride is a relative steal compared to the pricey theme park fare at the next door neighbor, Sea World.

Micky Dolenz’s first public appearance

During the 1950s, Micky Dolenz was the drummer for The Monkees. He had an interest in singing and became an entertainer at a young age. He also starred in various television series. His father, Michael Dolenz, starred in a number of films. He also worked as an actor and director.

The Monkees appeared in several television series during the 1960s. The group had a break between seasons. Then in 1968, Micky and his fellow “TV bandmates” went on a tour of the United States and the United Kingdom.

After the tour, Micky and his “TV bandmates” would become a live rock band. They recorded a number of songs, including “That Was Then, This Is Now”, which became the Monkees’ first Top 20 record since 1968.

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