Westway Models

Westway Communications is a branding and public relations agency. Their client roster includes Out East, an ultra clean beauty startup company Essentialist as well as former colleagues Autumn Furr and John Kendzierski from Black Frame.

Feltham Studios was located in Middlesex. One of their staff, Brian Pugsley, was an accomplished modelmaker who had created models for both Gerry Anderson and Derek Meddings via him.

Early Life and Education

In 1974, the Rockefeller administration selected a Maryland firm to develop Westway. This project would consist of six-lane highway and two-lane transitway features as well as a 240-acre landfill on Manhattan’s Lower West Side along the Hudson River shore.

The Sierra Club and NYC Clean Air Campaign, among other groups, filed a joint complaint in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York over funding and air quality concerns. A second group led by Marcy Benstock (one of Westway’s more vocal critics) filed its own separate claim over fishery objections.

At one time, Walkers Westway, one of Europe’s oldest aviation model makers, produced Concorde models in liveries of airlines such as TWA with nonbinding options to purchase them. Each model featured a cabin interior painted to match airline livery, as well as a clear Perspex plastic tube covering its fuselage that allowed viewers to peer into both cockpit and flight deck.

Professional Career

Westway models were originally commissioned by Anglo-French builders of Concorde aircraft to sell its supersonic jet travel concept to airlines. Westway produced executive models decorated in each airline’s livery; these models featured intricate cabin interiors mounted to plastic or fiberglass aircraft fuselages, painted exterior panels with designs while leaving others transparent, so viewers could view into its interiors.

Peter Robbins joined Space Models Ltd as Workshop Manager in West London in 1977 – soon becoming well-known for producing film and TV modelers including Brian Pugsley and Derek Meddings.

Achievement and Honors

Westway Models has received several prestigious awards and honors over its 30-year history, led by Frederic Schwartz, AIA, an architect acclaimed for his work with some of America’s most notable public projects such as Venturi and Scott Brown in New York and Santa Fe; also participating in designing the World Trade Center complex complex itself.

Westway Health from University of Galway was recognized with the Best Agri Business award at this year’s All-Ireland Business All-Stars competition. Westway is developing antimicrobial products which effectively kill bacteria without encouraging superbug resistance to emerge based on its proprietary technology platform.

Personal Life

Paolo Gallardo makes an impression as he steps out for a day out, captured by photographer Leigh Keily. The Westway-Select model wears an ensemble by Qasimi, Sandro and Siegel with J Shoes footwear and Hugo Boss bag as part of his business attire.

Peter Robbins had joined WESTWAY MODELS since 1975 as Workshop Manager before making the move to Space Models of west London as Workshop Manager in 1977, one of two leading companies producing Aerospace, Industrial Military Film TV models and miniatures in the UK.

Westway created executive models in all of the relevant airlines’ liveries to sell Concorde super sonic jet travel, such as this stunningly hand painted LIN model that remains in perfect condition.

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