what does roxanne dejesus do for a living

Roxanne DeJesus is an American reality star who first rose to prominence appearing as one of Briana DeJesus’ mother on MTV’s Teen Mom 2.

Briana and Brittany were stunned to learn of an unexpected family secret during a special episode of the franchise: their mother has an unknown half-brother!

Early Life and Education

Roxanne DeJesus became known as the mother of Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus and made headlines after airing a special on Teen Mom 2 to document a long-kept family secret that shocked the entire household.

Viewers saw Roxanne show tremendous support for her daughter during this process. She helped find a new place for her and even confronted Devoin Austin and Luis Hernandez, the fathers of their babies.

Roxanne has an intuitive life path number 22 associated with leadership and creativity. People with this number tend to be natural leaders who often inspire others towards reaching their goals, are resourceful thinkers, as well as passionate about fashion and beauty products – often working closely with fashion brands or sharing their favorite looks via social media.

Professional Career

Roxanne Dejesus is a multifaceted legal expert, social media influencer and entrepreneur with a career spanning various areas. Her unique outlook and charitable endeavors have inspired many to follow their dreams without giving up.

She is the founding partner of Pitkowitz and Partners’ dispute resolution team and provides advice to clients involved in complex cross-border litigation and arbitration proceedings. Specializing in joint venture disputes and having extensive experience advising private clients as well as companies operating within the construction sector.

Roxanne is a doting grandmother to Briana and Brittany, two teenaged daughters who often appear on Teen Mom 2. Additionally, Roxanne has spoken openly about her battle against Lupus; an autoimmune disease which affects joints, skin cells, blood cells, organs and more.

Achievement and Honors

Roxanne DeJesus has quickly built an impressive following on social media thanks to her dedication and passion for helping others, her philanthropic endeavors, and unique abilities that have contributed to her success.

She utilizes her platform to advocate for vital causes, including domestic abuse awareness and gender equality. Her advocacy on these matters has resonated with viewers and garnered her a loyal fan base.

She has leveraged her social media following to partner with several prestigious brands and expand her reach by opening up new avenues of growth.

Roxanne DeJesus has also launched her own beauty line that emphasizes inclusivity and empowerment of women. Roxanne also maintains a successful social media career, posting beauty tutorials as well as lifestyle content to her YouTube channel.

Personal Life

Roxanne DeJesus remains private about her personal life despite her fame. An American Reality Star best known for appearing on MTV Reality Show Teen Mom 2, Roxanne is also an influential social media influencer and model.

Roxanne currently resides with both of her daughters – Brittany and Briana – in Orlando, Florida. Roxanne had Nova Star with Devoin Austin II before later dating Luis Hernandez with whom she gave birth to Stella Star.

Roxanne owns Roxanne’s Shop, offering stylish yet comfortable clothing options to ladies. Her style balances comfort and stylishness while remaining moderate, making fashion accessible to women of various backgrounds. Roxanne suffers from chronic illness called Lupus.

Net Worth

Roxanne Dejesus currently earns approximately $20 thousand each season as a Reality Star.

Dejesus is also an active philanthropist who contributes to numerous charitable initiatives, while using her platform to bring attention to key social issues.

Dejesus is also an advocate of healthy living, following a balanced diet and offering her followers fitness advice through her social media accounts.

She was born November 3rd 1980 under the zodiac sign Scorpio. She has lived both New York City and Orlando Florida during her life; Briana DeJesus who appears as one of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 cast members is her daughter.

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