What Is Shaunie O’neal’s Net Worth

What is Shaunie O’Neal’s Net Worth?

In case you’ve ever wanted to know Shaunie O’Neal’s net worth, you’re in luck! This article will explain how much Shaunie is worth and what her career has been like. You’ll learn about her relationship with NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, her career as a reality television personality, and even Her family.

Shaunie O’Neal’s career

Shaunie O’Neal is a television producer, best known for her show Basketball Wives on VH1. Born in Texas, Shaunie first rose to fame when she married NBA star Shaquille O’Neal in the early 2000s. In 2010, her show Basketball Wives reached new heights of popularity.

Shaunie O’Neal has an estimated net worth of $35 million. She is an entrepreneur and businesswoman who has built her fortune through her successful business ventures. She was born on November 27, 1974, in Wichita Falls, Texas. Her parents were both professional basketball players. She later moved to Los Angeles with her family and got married to Shaquille O’Neal.

Shaunie O’Neal has an extensive charitable giving record. She regularly participates in the Mission Christmas Eve program to help the homeless. She has also started a nonprofit called Let’s Talk About It, which aims to help female entrepreneurs. This is a testament to her long-standing commitment to women’s rights and welfare. In 2011, she hosted a charity shopping event at Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. This event raised money for her foundation. In 2012, she also attended the Habitat for Humanity gala.

Her relationship with NBA star Shaquille O’Neal

Shaunie O’Neal is a wealthy woman who is engaged to NBA star Shaquille O’Need. She is also an entrepreneur. She recently launched her own shoe line and has pursued a career in film marketing.

Shaunie O’Neal has a net worth of $35 million according to Forbes. The reality television star and the NBA star Shaquille O’Need are parents to five children. One child is from a previous relationship and two other children are from the couple’s marriage.

Shaunie and Shaq married in 2002 and separated in 2009. They divorced in 2009, with Shaq blaming himself for the breakup. Before meeting Shaunie O’Need, Shaq was married to Arnetta Yarbourgh, and the two had a daughter together. Their relationship started in 1997 and they were married in December 2002.

Before tying the knot, Shaunie worked in the film business. She also worked as an executive producer on the hit reality television show Basketball Wives. She has appeared in several TV shows and is also a philanthropist. She also has her own line of shoes.

Her career as a reality TV personality

O’Neal is a well-known figure in the world of basketball, having earned a net worth of $21 million in 2010. Aside from basketball, she has also participated in several charity and social causes, including hosting Mission Christmas Eve and participating in the Let’s Talk About IT Empowerment Series. Her work as a sports personality has also led to a number of television series, including Basketball Wives LA. As of 2017, there have been over 140 episodes of both shows.

While her net worth comes mainly from her career as a reality TV personality, O’Neal also has other income sources. In addition to her NBA career, she has a successful shoe line and has ventured into the world of real estate investing.

Despite her rising popularity as a television personality, O’Neal keeps her personal life a secret, keeping her boyfriend and social activities private. As of October 2021, she is not dating anyone. Shaunie O’Neal was born in Miami, Florida on May 1, 2006. She is going to turn 15 years old in 2021.

Her family

During her basketball career, Shaunie O’Neal earned more than $2 million. In addition, she also earned a substantial amount through investments. She is currently focused on developing scripted television. The former point guard also has a shoe line, and has been a mentor to women on how to develop multiple streams of income.

Shaunie O’Neal started her career as a film marketer for Fox Entertainment. She married basketball mega-star Shaquille O’Neal in 2002. They have four children together. She also has one son from a previous relationship. She and Shaquille separated in 2007, but they remain close friends. Shaunie is the executive producer of “Basketball Wives,” a VH1 reality TV show.

Shaunie is currently engaged to pastor Keion Henderson. Keion and Shaunie met through mutual friends. They began dating in February 2020. Keion has a nine-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Shaunie also has five children ranging from 15 to 24 years old.

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