Woman’s Obituary Blames Unvaccinated

A Woman’s Obituary Blames Unvaccinated

A woman from Illinois has died of COVID-19 and her family is in the throes of grief. According to her husband, Candace Cay Ayers was a fighter. She was a mother of two and grandmother of three. For more on the story, check out this link.

The obituary of Candace Cay Ayers is a sad one. This is not the first time that a loved one has succumbed to the scourge of swine flu. However, her untimely demise is a sad reminder that all is not well in the world. In fact, the state of Illinois, where Candace lived, has the lowest vaccination rate in the nation. Her obituary, which was published in the Springfield Mercury newspaper, has garnered quite a bit of attention. Most of it has been positive, but a few naysayers are still out there.

Unlike a lot of people, Candace was vaccinated. This included the coonoorm, the acronym for the Coronavirus vaccine, which she received in early March. On the other hand, her immune system was compromised, and she was confined to a hospital bed for the better part of a month. It was during that time that her rheumatoid arthritis began to manifest itself. As a result, she suffered from a debilitating case of pneumonia, which eventually led to her death. Despite her best efforts, she did not survive the infection, and she was put on a ventilator for the last three weeks of her life. While the medical profession may have sworn her to death, her family is not.

In the wake of her passing, her family has taken steps to promote better health. Among other things, the family has been adamant about wearing masks while shopping, which is a good thing. However, they are not as fortuitous when it comes to avoiding contact with other sick people. One thing that Candace and her family did right is to get more than one vaccination. Taking the time to learn about vaccines is a wise choice, especially when it comes to the swine flu. Vaccines come with the risk of side effects, but they can also save your life.

Although the family is still mourning the loss, they have made it a point to reminisce about Candace’s tenacious spirit. While the obituary is a sad one, the family has a newfound resolve to spread the word about the importance of vaccination. They are also making it a priority to make sure that all of their friends and relatives receive the same high-quality care they did.

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