Yasmine Bleeth

Yasmine Bleeth has enjoyed an outstanding career and been an advocate for breast cancer awareness.

She served as spokesperson for Lee National Denim Day campaign in 1998, raising millions for Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity. Additionally, she competed on Celebrity Jeopardy and donated any winnings back to Sloan Kettering Hospital.

Early Life and Education

Yasmine Bleeth was born June 14th 1968 in New York City to Philip Bleeth (a business owner) and Carina Bleeth (a model). She has one brother named Miles that she holds dear.

Fame came to her during the early ’90s for her roles on One Life to Live as LeeAnn Demerest and Baywatch as Caroline Holden; additionally she appeared in movies such as BASEketball and Nash Bridges.

Bleeth has kept much of her personal life private, withholding information regarding children or marriage status. According to reports, however, she did marry Paul Cerrito in 2001 and they currently reside both in Scottsdale and Los Angeles with an apparent healthy marriage relationship and happy marital life.

Professional Career

Bleeth began her acting career early, appearing in Johnson & Johnson’s No More Tears baby shampoo television commercial at 10 months and later that year appearing on Candid Camera.

Bleeth first gained fame through her appearances in several made-for-television films before her breakout performance as lifeguard Caroline Holden on Baywatch TV show. Additionally, she appeared on other soap operas, such as Ryan’s Hope and One Life to Live.

Bleeth has been married to strip club proprietor Paul Cerrito since December 2000 when she entered Promises Rehabilitation Clinic in Malibu willingly in order to overcome cocaine addiction. Together they reside in Scottsdale, Arizona and Los Angeles California with two children named Tristan and Miles respectively.

Achievement and Honors

Yasmine Bleeth was born in New York City on June 14, 1968 to parents Philip Bleeth, an American business proprietor, and Carina Bleeth, an American model. Philip comes from Russian Jewish ancestry while Carina hails from French Algerian origin – both parents being Russian/German Jewish people themselves.

Bleeth first launched her acting career in the early ’90s through guest appearances on various television programs. Her breakout role as lifeguard Caroline Holden on Baywatch catapulted her to fame; additionally she made appearances in crime drama Nash Bridges and comedy film BASEketball.

Bleeth is an active philanthropist and has participated in campaigns like Lee National Denim Day and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Additionally, she competed on Celebrity Jeopardy and donated her winnings to Sloan Kettering breast cancer research. Paul Cerrito and Bleeth reside together in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Personal Life

Bleeth began her career as a child model, appearing in television commercials for Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and Breyers Ice Cream. Soon thereafter she secured roles on popular soap opera Ryan’s Hope as well as several made-for-television movies.

Her roles on Baywatch brought her worldwide recognition, leading to more acting gigs and appearances in other films such as BASEketball and Nash Bridges.

Bleeth has maintained her privacy throughout her famed acting career. Although Tristan and Miles appear with her in multiple movies, their lives remain hidden from public scrutiny.

Bleeth had several relationships, such as with Matthew Perry and Richard Grieco. While she has been accused of cocaine use and possession, she maintains that her addiction stems from previous relationships she experienced.

Net Worth

Yasmine Bleeth is a celebrated actress who has garnered international acclaim and awards for her roles in TV shows and movies. As such, her career has brought in considerable wealth – she reportedly is worth approximately $2 Million today.

She began her career as a fashion model and appeared in commercials for Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. However, her breakout role as Caroline Holden on Baywatch helped to cement her place within the industry.

She then played Lee Anne Demerest on One Life to Live. Additionally, she has appeared in various commercials and films.

Tristan Bleeth, her half-brother, prefers not being in the spotlight and prefers privacy. Since 2002 she has been married to strip club owner Paul Cerrito; together they reside both in Los Angeles and Arizona.

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